I Am the Machine Gunner


Photo by Amy Taylor

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A young street criminal tries to digest bullets, blood, fire, fear, waves, piss – his grandfather’s war stories and his own brutal existence. We make a lot of noise and try to make sense of the violence of the 20th century. A play by contemporary Russian playwright Yury Klavdiev, accompanied by a new original score.

In-progress excerpts from I Am the Machine Gunner were shared at Werks Bearhouse in June 2017 during SoLow Fest. The full production premiered in September 2017 at Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles as part of the Philly Fringe Festival.

Playwright: Yury Klavdiev
Translator: John Freedman
Director: Sarah Gardner
Performer: Sterling Melcher
Composer/Musician: John Chandler Hawthorne
Produced by Sarah Gardner, John Chandler Hawthorne, and Sterling Melcher.

Menu image by Sterling Melcher.

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