The Hopefuls


Photo by Eric Tsurumoto

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The Hopefuls were a satirical punk band. We mocked the candidates, supporting characters, and issues that comprised the national conversation leading up to the 2016 election. Recognizing a harmony between the energies of punk and the grotesquely comedic theatrical form of bouffon, we set distorted bodies to the stripped-down, abrasive textures of original punk songs on topics like campaign finance reform, gerrymandering, and the two-party system.

The Hopefuls were John Chandler Hawthorne, Francesca Montanile, Jenna Strusowski, Sara Vanasse, and Michael T. Williams.

Between June 2015 and November 2016 we played sixteen shows and made two music videos. Our work was presented by First Person Arts and the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship at Haverford College. Our PUNK ELECTION FANTASIA, performed the weekend before the election, received support from the Knight Foundation via Citizen University’s Joy of Voting initiative.

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