Other People’s Stuff

I act, dance, sing, and collaborate with other artists and companies in addition to creating my own original work.

Between the Wish and the Thing
Katharine Hawthorne
Nov. 2017 & Aug. 2017
I worked with my sister, dancer and choreographer Katharine Hawthorne, to develop and perform her new dance Between the Wish and the Thing at the Boulder International Fringe Festival and ODC Theater in San Francisco.

A Period of Animate Existence
Pig Iron Theatre Company
Sept. 2017

The End
Swim Pony
May 2017
The End is part theater, part alternate reality gaming: it is a month-long experience that asks players to contemplate mortality. I contributed to the development of the game, and served as one of a small team of “guides” who ran the game for it’s premiere play-through.

Time’s Up (Workshop)
Antigravity Theatre Project
Aug. 2015

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre
Summer 2014

Life and Times, Episodes 1-5
Nature Theater of Oklahoma
Sept. 2013

Katharine Hawthorne
Aug. 2013

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